Platinum Child

Platinum Child

Yoga & Soma Awareness Studio

Platinum Nurture

Platinum Nurture

Maternity Centre – Kindergarten

Company Information

Name : New Level Therapy Private Company

Company Share Capital : 1. Capital Contributions € 201,000.00 2. Non-Capital Contributions € 351,000.00

General Electronic Commercial Registry Number : 143366801000

Registered Office : Ilia Venezi str., Agios Nikolaos, Anavyssos P.C. 19013


  1. Managing Partner Martinos Karagounis, resident of Ilia Venezi Street (end of road), Agios Nikolaos, Anavyssos, PC 19013 Capital Contribution € 31 000.00, Non-Capital Contribution € 351,000.00
  2. Partner Theonie Vasilikopoulou, resident of 99 Jean Moreas Street, Halandri, PC 15231 Capital Contribution € 170,000.00

About us

Education should be a very rich and in-depth experience. It is education that shapes and cultivates the individual. New Level Therapy is a company which is dedicated to providing the best possible education for our children. Martin, Theonie and everyone in the New Level Therapy team see education as their vocation and they have dedicated their lives’ work to meeting the company’s goals.


Martin Karagounis

Martin Karagounis


Theonie Vasilikopoulou

Theonie Vasilikopoulou


company email: [email protected]

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+30 22910 40018

P.O.Box 697, Anavyssos, 19013, Athens, Greece